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Systemic Diversity and Inclusion platform for the Youths.


About SDI Youth:

The Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Group exists to harness collective knowledge and thought for good in the social justice sphere via our global platform. SDIG believes the power of sharing is unparalleled and too often underused to create social justice. We also believe change comes best in bringing diverse individuals together. Above all we believe in social justice awareness and education.

In this mission SDIG holds a special place in its heart for youth. SDI is committed to the idea that youth are the future, … and they have something to say. At SDIG, we believe that as hosts of youth engagement we can enable youths to share their varied experiences, and thus be the catalyst that fosters human to human connections. From such exchange, youth can be inspired to strive for education, skill development and employment of synergies toward enriching themselves and affecting social change. Together SDI and youth groups can create powerful connections and learning opportunities. And in so doing, youth become an integral part of SDIG’s work for a better world -a world of peace, equity and social justice for all.

SDI has made a commitment to youth programming. SDIG strives to connect youths(especially high school and university) from all over the world on our platform, a forum specifically designed for diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. In this forum youth can be themselves and share their varied and authentic stories, thereby enriching each other intellectually and culturally. Educational programming will be included to foster learning in areas such as education, civics, geography. And informational resources as well as youth supporters and support services, are made available. Through this connective and enlightening process, a knowledge of culturally responsive practices will be cultivated. And this preparing youth to function more effectively and inclusively in our global communities.

Below will be found links to the many means of which SDIG enables socially conscious youth engagement, including real time virtual dialog events, podcasts, blogs, structured education, support services, partnerships, etc…

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Our Values:


MISSION- to connect youths in a platform that inspires them to be their best through collaboration and engagement with their counterparts all over the world.


VISION- We envision a world of interconnectedness among our global youths in ways that inspires them to learn and equip themselves with the tools to transform their lives, and the lives of others, for better.


Our values encompass, integrity, inclusion, and innovation that inspire youth to higher contour of inclusivity and productivity.

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