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About Us:

We believe the power of sharing our collective knowledge, experiences, and efforts is unparalleled and too often underused to create social justice.
We are supported by diverse minority groups and allies from professions that span education, human resources, military, media, and small business owners (among others) with extensive global diversity, equality and inclusion experience. We live to use our collective knowledge for good.
~SDIG (Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Group Company) is a Black-owned company founded and run by Dr. Joseph Nwoye~

Our Values:


All people are entitled to respect and dignity, regardless of what makes them different.


Honest, safe, courageous, two-way, mutually respectful conversations are the stepping-stone to an understanding of differences and provide the platform for meaningful interactions and acceptance to take place.


Human beings, regardless of socio-economic status, visual or audible differences, racial and ethnic backgrounds or any other individual characteristic that makes them different are equal and should be treated as equals under all circumstances. Equality is a right, understanding is learned.

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