SDIG's Virtuous Programs

Dr. Joseph Nwoye
Founder and President

At SDIG, we follow in the footsteps of our founder, Dr. Joseph Nwoye often reiterates the power of Horace Mann’s statement that education is the “greatest equalizer.” Therefore, we embrace those words altogether, and we believe in meaningful education, which comes with a genuine commitment to engage people of various perspectives in ways that are respectful and allow multiple views to be expressed via inquiry, employing Aristotle’s approach to persuade people to embrace one philosophy or another based on one’s ability to use ethos, Pathos, and Logos to convince people to adopt one attitude or another. In a diverse setting, each view is represented and defended vigorously in the marketplace of ideas in each situation in the learning continuum and meaningful engagement, we must uphold the moral and intellectual demands that a democratic society places on us.

Below is the list of our Virtuous Programs.

Curriculum Design & Instructional Strategies

SDIG's foundation of Civic Engagement:

Encourages active participation, responsibility, and empowerment within communities, fostering inclusive societal progress and unity.
Culturally Responsive Teaching

Moral Engagement:

Upholds ethical principles, nurturing empathy and compassion, guiding actions toward social justice and ethical decision-making
Curriculum Design & Instructional Strategies

Intellectual Engagement:

Stimulates critical thinking, curiosity, and lifelong learning, fostering open-mindedness and innovative problem-solving approaches.
Teacher Recruitment & Employment Services

Dialogue in a Diverse Society:

Facilitates respectful, inclusive conversations, valuing diverse perspectives to build understanding, harmony, and collaborative solutions.