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The SDIG serves as a social justice forum hosting panel discussions, interviews, webinars, debates, videos, and and other means of engagement.


Systemic Diversity Inclusion Group

We are a global nonprofit organization committed to equity and social justice for all. We are empowered by professionals who are operating on the frontier of diversity and inclusion. SDIG experts are professionals with the ability and experience to help clients address all their diversity and inclusion needs. We are clearly on the frontier, employing the power of current research on diversity and inclusion to address the needs of our clients. SDIG professionals usually begin our work with connecting and collaborating with our client and together perform diagnostic work with our clients to ascertain the issues of diversity and inclusion that are of concern to their work. It is always our priority to provide our clients the state of the arts tools that aid them in ascertaining their SWOT which in turn employed to optimize the quality of their services to second to none in their industry.

Our approach to meeting our clients' needs is simple

First, we conduct situation analysis, a process that focuses on working collaboratively with our clients to explore and ascertain past, current and their productive future potential via our state of arts diagnostics work.

Second, armed with that critical information stemming from careful analysis of the SWOT, and employ the research and the data gleaned to set goals, strategies for accomplishing the goals, as well imbuing assessment mechanisms into the process. Assessment is critical component of the pillars necessary to guarantee continuous and sustained improvement for our clients. We believe in the power of assessment to foster continuous improvement which fits nicely into our founder vision that, “Good is never enough where better is possible.” We therefore utilize the power of current research and brilliant wisdom of SDIG professions to utilize experience of the past, current knowledge and research to shape the future trajectories of our work as sustain our brand. The quality of our work is on the plain sight and that is why we are considered as one of the best in the diversity and inclusive global industry.

Systemic diversity professionals consult both within and outside the United States on issues of diversity and inclusion, including working collaboratively with clients on their diversity and inclusion situation analysis and employing the data to consult them on best practices, such as setting goals, policies, strategies for implementation, as well as imbuing assessment mechanisms to ensure continuous improvements. Furthermore, in support of our clients through traditional and online services, we provide training and mentorship programs with the goal of guiding them through meaningful innovation. This includes providing them with the tools for cross cultural communication competences which will serve as the foundation of success.

Corporate Diversity And Inclusive Leadership Training

Systemic Diversity and Inclusive Corporate Training is inclusive. It embodies training the entire members of our clients’ organization beginning with the Corporate Executive leadership at the highest level, followed by similar training of leadership at the functional levels such as Vice President Human Resource, Vice president Marketing, Vice President Research and Development, etc. Finally, general training of the entire members of our clients is provided on the critical need for systemic diversity and inclusive work force. In other words, we employ a systemic approach which means our training touches people in every aspects of the organization with clear road map of the individual’s responsibility in their varied spaces in the organization.

Why our approach to diversity and inclusion training is successful?

At systemic diversity and inclusion Inc., we do not leave any stone untouched through our diagnostic of clients’ critical needs for diversity and inclusion. Fundamentally, we start from diagnostic work in coordination and collaboration with our clients. In that initial ‘get acquainted’ with our clients, we begin with honest and truthful conversation about our clients’ needs based on two dimensions: First exploration of individual’s belief formation process, and second, group’s belief formation process. SDIG’s approach is based on the belief that regardless of whether we are talking about individual or group, one’s belief system is a function of one’s belief system. It suffices to conclude that both individual’s or group’s behaviors are driven by one’s belief system. In other words, we believe that one’s belief system is a function of the individual’s experiences that embody good and bad, the cumulation of which drives people to predictable behavior and performance. We believe that understanding the process of belief formation and how it informs behavior is an essential part of leadership training that works. Belief formation in alignment with mindset development ultimately drives individual’s or organizational behaviors. We therefore focus on the implications to our clients with emphasis on policies and practices on issues of diversity through client’s operations. We therefore provide clients executive training on issues of belief formation, authenticity and empowerment that by and large prepare them on the right courses of actions for meaningful diverse and inclusive workforce. We completely concur with research that are increasing asserting that companies that engage their employs in fostering meaningful diversity consistently outperform their counterparts who do not on all metrics of success.

Our Mission

Do projects that increase inclusive thinking, learning and practice to create harmony, equity and fairer outcomes for people and organizations, wherever they are in the world.

Our Beliefs & Values

We believe the power of sharing our collective knowledge, experiences, and efforts is unparalleled and often underused to create social justice. Without honest, safe, courageous, two-way, mutually respectful conversations and admitting that our individual experiences differ and yet, are of equal value; we will not be able to meaningfully learn from each other or change for the better.

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