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SDIG is more than a local non-profit organization, we take further steps in trying to help communities across the globe. We strive to improve the well being of the communities around us by providing skills that people can apply in their lives. We want to leave a lasting impact on those that we help so that one day they are able pay it foward to another person in need. A donation to SSDIG will be used to help those in need. Our promise is that we will never stop helping those in need and we will never say no to lending a helping hand. Please donate now to SDIG to allow us to continue our services.

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Thank you for considering supporting our cause and mission to promote diversity and inclusion. Your contribution helps us create a more equitable and inclusive environment for everyone. Here are ways you can support us:


We accept donations through PayPal and any major credit/debit card, a secure and convenient way to contribute to our cause. Your donation will directly fund initiatives that work towards dismantling systemic biases and fostering a culture of inclusivity.

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Spread the Word:

Help us reach a wider audience by sharing our mission and initiatives on social media platforms, among friends, family, and colleagues. Your advocacy can make a significant impact in raising awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion.

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Consider joining our team as a volunteer. Your skills and expertise could contribute to the success of our programs and initiatives. Together, we can make a lasting change.

Attend Our Events:

Participate in our events, workshops, and discussions to learn more about diversity and inclusion. Your presence and engagement contribute to the growth of our community.

Collaborate with Us:

If you represent an organization, business, or institution that shares our values, consider collaborating with us on projects or partnerships that align with our mission.

Every little bit helps us make a difference. Your support is essential in our journey towards a more inclusive and equitable future. Thank you for being a part of this meaningful change.

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