Over the past 8 years we have enabled students to explore new careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Through our efforts we influence and enable over 1000 students per year who go on to either major or minor in a STEAM related career path. Our project based experiential learning programs help students realize that Computer Science is import in their future. Our research assessment results show that students have a greater understanding post our programs that no matter what path they take understanding how computers work and their limitations will increase their own success long term.

Volunteer with Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Group

Join our passionate community of volunteers committed to driving positive change in systems and promoting diversity and inclusion at all levels. At Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Group, we recognize that creating lasting impact requires collective effort and dedicated individuals who share our vision.


Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds. Some roles may have specific requirements, but we’re committed to ensuring an inclusive environment for all.

Why Volunteer with Us?

  • Impactful Change: Contribute to dismantling systemic barriers and fostering inclusive environments, leading to meaningful and sustainable change.
  • Skill Enhancement: Develop valuable skills in areas such as advocacy, community engagement, policy analysis, and more, while making a difference.
  • Collaborative Network: Connect with fellow volunteers who share your commitment, expand your professional network, and collaborate on transformative projects.
  • Flexible Engagement: We offer diverse roles to accommodate your schedule and expertise, ensuring everyone can contribute effectively.
  • Inclusive Community: Be part of a welcoming and respectful community where diverse perspectives are valued and celebrated.

How You Can Get Involved

  1. Explore Opportunities: Review our current volunteer roles to find one that aligns with your skills and interests.
  2. Submit Your Interest: Fill out our online application form to let us know about your background, motivations, and desired role.
  3. Interview and Matching: If your application aligns with our needs, we’ll arrange an interview to discuss your fit with the group.
  4. Orientation: Attend an orientation session to learn more about our organization, mission, and the specific role you’ll be taking on.
  5. Start Contributing: Once oriented, you’ll join a team of dedicated volunteers to actively contribute to our projects and initiatives.

Current Volunteer Roles

- Advocacy and Policy Research

- Community Outreach

- Event Planning and Coordination

- Content Creation and Communication

- Data Analysis and Research

- Workshop Facilitation

- Mentorship and Coaching

Join Us in Driving Change

Ready to be part of a transformative journey? Your dedication can help reshape systems and foster diversity and inclusion. Apply now to volunteer with the Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Group and join us in creating a more equitable future. Together, we can make a difference.


Let’s Grow Together