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With the advent of the gig economy, talented people have unprecedented opportunities to choose where, when, how, and the organizations they are committed to using their talents and time to help them achieve their vision. At SDIG, we provide both individuals and corporate partners the opportunity to employ their expertise in ways that add value, values that are aligned with SDIG’s vision. To that end, SDIG has designed multi-dimensional partnership programs.

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We believe in the power of digital marketing, thus supporting our clients to update their business over the digital world. Our flawless premium services includes amazon virtual assistance, web development, social media marketing and animated videos.

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  • Graphic Designing
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Staff Volunteer Associates

These are members of the SDIG group that are active in performing the functions of SDIG operations. They are truly the backbone of SDIG. They commit to the development and improvement of SDIG’s day-to-day operation and use their talents to improve their life circumstances based on their varied talents. The staff consists of individuals that volunteer their service as they embrace the vision of SDIG in their quest for peace, equity, and social justice for all. Considering the SDIG’s unique circumstances, the founder, Dr. Joe Nwoye, designed an innovative means through which the company provides her volunteer staff the opportunity to use their talent to generate income as they do this work. Dr. Nwoye provides members of the team the opportunity to collaborate and partner in ways that allow them to cross-pollinate and utilize the synergy associated with diversity to deliver high-quality services to the needy and their internal and external clients via the SDIG platform. In return, they are provided opportunities to enjoy the fruit of their labor while support SDIG in whatever form they do it but in ways that support the vision of SDIG.

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Staff Volunteer Associates

These are members of Systemic Diversity Group that are not involved in day-to-day staff functions of the operation; however, they are entitled to employ their talents to provide services that allow them to generate funds through their paid services. In addition, these are members entitled to work with the SDIG marketing division to help them use their talents in service to others.

External Associates

These are associates who work in their professional fields or collaboration with others. Sometimes they collaborate with other professionals worldwide, sharing their talents and using their skills to enrich the lives of those who need their services. These are people with incredible abilities and desire to help others, and they work with Systemic Diversity staff in various projects.
  1. Affiliate Partners (or Affiliates) are individuals or groups who enter into negotiated agreements with SDIG for various mutually beneficial purposes.
  2. Sustaining & Contributing Partners Sustaining Partners support SDIG through funding and resource contribution of an ongoing and sustaining nature. Contributing Partners support SDIG through funding and resource contribution, periodic, intermittent, or one-time. Funding may be in the form of grants or awards.
  3. Collaborating Partners Collaborating Partners work side-by-side with SDIG staff in collaborative ventures of a temporary or permanent nature that benefit both parties.

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