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Our Team is Comprised of:

Dr. Morolake Omowumi Adekunle

Program Director

PhD Communication and Language Arts with focus on development communication. Senior Lecturer in School of Journalism and Digital Media, University of The Gambia, The Gambia. President, Association of African Women for Research and Development (AAWORD), The Gambia. AAWORD has chapters in 22 African nations International Program Director for Social Diversity and Inclusion (SIDG) an International NGO with Headquarters in the USA. Educator/trainer, creative writer, researcher and social inclusion advocate. Research focus- Gender equity in private and public spheres Development work in different African nations: grassroots mobilization for development, gender equity advocacy, youth and women empowerment.

Dr Godson Chukwuma

Dr. Godson Chukwuma has a passion for advancing the cause of education in a meaningful way using technology. Dr. Chukwuma is the president and CEO of Sciencetech-for-Humanity – a Nigeria based organization that provides sustainable assistance to humanity through technology application. With a passion for education in developing nations, Dr. Chukwuma designed and implemented ‘Premier Project Sectoriet de l’Education’ in Rwanda, a networking project for the Ministry of Education funded by the World Bank. Dr. Chukwuma has led several IT-capacity building projects in various parts of Africa, including Nigeria, Ghana, The Gambia, Ethiopia etc. These projects empower women and youths to be self-starters and are funded jointly by the Federal Republic of Nigeria, internal affairs and the African development Bank. Dr. Godson Chukwuma also served as a member of technical staff – Bell Communications Research- New Jersey, senior systems engineer with Computer Systems Automation Inc. Rockville Maryland and Associate Dean and Head of Department of the Computer Information Systems at Strayer University in Rockville, Maryland. Dr. Chukwuma currently serves as professor of networking and cybersecurity at Prince George’s Community College in Largo Maryland, and as an adjunct professor for the department of Computer Science, Math and Cybersecurity at Webster University – Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling D.C. and Fort Belvoir, Virginia campuses.

Brianne Caplan

While working as a Data Scientist at a Chicago-based technology startup, Bri founded the nonprofit, Code Your Dreams in 2018 with the mission of driving equity in computer science education and building pathways for underrepresented groups to enter into the technology sector. She’s since left the technology sector to focus on this mission for her nonprofit as the Executive Director, as well as serving as the Program Director for the University of Chicago’s Careers in Computer Science program. Bri is also the Founder and CEO at Coder Heroes, a buy-1-give-1 coding platform for children to learn coding through creativity and play. Bri graduated from the University of Chicago in 2014.

Dr. Flynn Bucy

J. Flynn Bucy, Ph.D. is a well-known senior specialist in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Futures Studies. Dr. Bucy has a unique combination of academic, business and non-profit experience to integrate research and practice into pragmatic learning programs. He has been a senior executive in both large and small businesses, the Director for the high-profile Center for Entrepreneurship at Baylor University, and worked extensively with World Vision and other major non-profits. Since his original work as a futurist at George Washington University during his doctoral program, he has continued to effectively bring an understanding of how current trends create the emerging context for personal and organizational strategies and practices. Dr. Bucy currently works as a senior consultant with Alternative Futures Associates and is a board member of TechCast Global.

Mr Yigal Kahana

Yigal was born in Hackensack, New Jersey, and currently lives in Miami with three sons, three hamsters, a mouse, seven leopard geckos, and a sugar glider. He has over 20 years of experience as an attorney working primarily in insurance, contracts, and corporate law, in Florida, Oregon, and Texas. He received a bachelor’s in history from Yeshiva University and a law degree from the University of Miami School of Law. Yigal is a historian and a teacher at heart. He has written a curriculum for and has ten years of experience operating an English language civil society and human rights program for Israeli-Ethiopian and Israeli-Arab high-school students. Yigal has also done guest lectures at Ruppin College in Israel, Florida International University in Miami, and most recently at the Boston University Agile Innovation Lab, where he was a keynote speaker. He is currently delivering Zoom webinars for the Israeli police department on Unteaching Racism. His focus is on teaching about the objective elements of social progress that apply to all societies and how they apply, especially in public policy and education. Learn about DEI practices and contribute towards building a better world with Yigal Kahana.


Former UN Ambassador and WTO Permanent Representative for her home country responsible for WHO, ILO, WIPO, UNCTAD, UNHCR, and many others; she is currently a dynamic International Diversity & Inclusion Consultant / Speaker / Life Coach / Academic with varied experience in D&I, Digital Transformation, Leadership Change Management, and Global Challenges. She lectures and coaches around the world on a variety of topics such as SDGs and their linkage with technology, Global Challenges, Social Inclusion with focus on Diversity, International Strategy, and Intercultural Communications. A strong advocate for a proper understanding of the impact of Diversity and Digital Transformation on the way we live, she is involved in social improvement and serves as a member of SDIG, as well as a member of AKFI Advisory Board. Therese educates and inspires audiences in a distinctive, entertaining, and inquisitive manner. She makes every interaction a memorable one, emphasizing actionable advice to life’s quandaries, with the goal of accumulating positive changes that benefit both the present and the future.

Dr. Karen Walker

A US Marine Corps Veteran Dr. Walker is an expert in organizational psychology. She is an author and advocate for diversity and change. She has a Ph.D. in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, a Masters Degree in Human Behavior and a Bachelors Degree in Communications. She has an extensive background in government and corporate industries as well as in academia as she has worked with: • Department of Defense • Department of the Navy • Department of Homeland Security • U.S. Secret Service • Ashford University / University of Arizona Global Campus • Federal Aviation Administration • Department of Housing and Urban Development • Synergy Learning Institute 501(c)(3) • University of New Mexico • Department of Justice Dr. Walker is a well decorated Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps. Her smile and charming personality will reign in any small crowd. But it is her voice that captivates so many as they are astonished how she commands respect with her introspective soft-spoken tone. Speaking with her is a pleasant experience and before you know it you’ve learned something new.

Ms. Lois Letchford

Lois Letchford has been a literacy problem solver. Specializing in teaching children who struggle with learning to read, her creative teaching methods vary depending on the reading ability of the student, employing age-appropriate, rather than reading-age-appropriate, material. Lois’s non-traditional background, multi-continental exposure, and passion for helping failing students equip her with a unique skill set and perspective. Lois is a literacy spokesperson for struggling learners who have failed behind in the traditional classroom. Through coaching and workshops at international conferences, TV appearances, and highly-rated radio stations, she uses her own story in Reversed: A Memoir to teach educators and parents how to create flexible learning environments using comprehensive and innovative teaching methods. Originally a physical education teacher, she later completed a Master's in Literacy and Reading from the State University of New York at Albany. Lois has presented her work at SPELD in Australia, the Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children, the Spring Festival of Children's Literature in Maryland, and Ireland International Conference on Education. She is a member of the Australian College of Education.

Leonard Ozoemena

Leonard Ozoemena is a Business Leader, Strategist and Principal of Compass Solutions LLC., a high-end, high-powered Information Technology Firm that is based in Washington DC. He is an executive who specializes in growth focused activities and deals with Governments and large Enterprises in the International, national, and regional spheres. He is also an entrepreneur whose business and executive leadership experience of more than 20 years spans a variety of sectors, including Environmental, technology, education, telecommunications, health, and government. As a founder, he founded the largest minority Internet technology consulting firm in the United States. He is passionate about education and founded one of the largest global organizations that is focused on improving African secondary education, across nations south of the Sahara. He is a founding member of the African Education Fund (AEF), a strong advocate for international investment in Africa and a highly connected partner. Appointed by the US Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Ozoemena currently serves as a member of The District Export Council (DEC), the strategic and influential global trade advocacy entity that advises the United States Government and businesses in the United States on International trade and business policy; he specializes on disruptive technologies and entry strategies, particularly for the African business environment.

Chandra O. Wilson

My name is Chandra O. Wilson; I am a U.S. Navy Veteran. I served in the Persian Gulf Desert Storm Gulf War. I have over 25 years of experience in Military and Civilian Medicine. In 2015, I decided to serve my country in a different capacity by changing my career completely and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Cyber and Information Technology from Capitol Technology University. In 2019, I went on to obtain a Masters in Public Service Leadership with a concentration in Cybersecurity from Thomas Edison State University. I currently work as an Information Systems Security Analyst contractor to an agency within the Department of Transportation. I am the owner of Chaz Dazzle direct sales business; where sell women’s fashion jewelry handbags, and accessories. For the past 10 years, I have been volunteering in my local community with a non-profit organization called OneStar Enterprise. I am very passionate about helping others; especially our youth and young adults.

Tricia Cook

I have been working with teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and students of all ages(literally 18 months-81 years old) since 1994; I've earned several certifications to help teach/tutor, coach, and consult such as State-Certified Reading Specialist (P-12, 2012); M. Ed.,Degree in Secondary Education (2012); Orton-Gillingham AGOPE AA Tutor Certified (2015);Highly Qualified Status in Reading and Early Childhood Education (2015); AMS Montessori Toddler Certified (2007); Accredited Status 10 Program - credited 210 Credit Hours of Speech &Language Pathology (2000); State-Teacher Certified in Early Childhood Education (P-3, 1998).After twenty-five years of being in education, I provide tutoring, consulting, and coaching on dyslexia and other neurodevelopmental differences. I own my own business named Cook’s Independent Tutoring, Coaching, and Consulting, LLC. along with developing my own Specialized Online Coaching Program named My Elbert. My main goal is to help others reach and connect with the “whole child” because I've observed an increasing amount of affective, behavioral, sensorial, cognitive, physical, mental, and spiritual difficulties and differences. Similarily I have observed an increased number of children with poor mental wellness due to people not understanding the “whole child”. Therefore, Recently, I have developed a neuro pedagogy that includes my observations and evaluations that looks at the "whole person" using empirical science and neuroscience, psychology, and education including teaching & learning in general to come into an my own authentic practice. Lastly, My current practice is a holistic approach to discovery of inner-being, diversity and inclusion, and aims to learn how to stimulate new zones of the brain, and creating connections (neuropathways) for learning to be successful for students as well as teacher, administrators, and other stakeholders.

Jubanti Dhan Toppo

Jubanti Dhan Toppo is a Social Worker, Adult Educator, and a Leadership and Community Development Professional with more than 10 years of experience in both non-profit and corporate sector. Her recent experience includes working with Barristers as the equity and access advisor, providing advice and guidance through training and development to best serve the public in the administration of law. Previously, Jubanti worked on areas of gender-based violence, sexual violence and achieving equity for women and all genders. She has also worked in the field of mental health though one-on-one counselling, groups, and family support. In 2019, Jubanti represented Canada at the 63rd session of the United Nations commission on the status of women in New York. Subsequently, in 2021 she represented North America at the United Nations High Level Political forum for the commission for social development. Jubanti believes that peace, equity, and social justice can only be achieved when all human beings are empowered and liberated from the chains of oppression and social inequities. Jubanti specializes in Inclusive Leadership framework towards fostering leadership development for leaders and their people. She uses a strength-based approach and appreciative inquiry to educate and train her audience. Human Dignity is one of the most important things to human beings. It means being valued and respected for who we are as individuals. Inclusive leadership enables the realization of people’s dignity where everyone feels their voice is heard, and their contributions valued. An inclusive leader creates an environment where people are treated fairly and respectfully, and where they feel a sense of belonging. Inclusive leaders not only have a strong self-awareness about their own preferred work style but are able to adapt their style to connect with all members of their team, even those who think and work differently and who may have totally different motivations.

Ms Page

An avid leader and systems thinker with a successful track record of in the federal sector. Talent for analysing data, presenting before diverse audiences, and mastering new information. Builds networks and partnerships with community leaders in the DC Metropolitan area to identify strategic objectives, goals, & long-range plans. Chief Empowerment Officer for "Patricia's Inspirational Learning and Training Center" and Chief Executive Officer for "Patricia’s House of Fashion".

Sedleigh Adams

Digital support specialist and founder of eBusiness Connect, a UK consultancy specialising in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. After 15 years with British Airways - Airport Systems, Sedleigh worked as a Business Analyst under Microsoft MVP, Michael Stephenson, MD of Connected Systems Consulting. Sedleigh now provides collaboration support to corporate, non-profit and education organisations in the UK, Europe, USA and Africa.

Jade Ramsdell

Jade Ramsdell is a leader who thrives on helping individuals, teams, and organizations enhance their collective impact and build synergy through collaboration and co-creation. She has dedicated her entire career to serving medical facilities, nonprofits, and government agencies, bringing extensive experience in all aspects of executing strategy, championing and optimizing performance, service delivery optimization, enhancing the consumer experience, and leading with an equity lens to support holistic advancement of organizational culture that drives and develops high performance teams. Jade’s efforts have consistently resulted in quality improvement enhancements for organizations she has supported. She builds organizational health by creating effective and customized change management strategies, and is extremely passionate and proud to assist in the growth and development of organizations with diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and justice practices where she works with teams to use evaluation, analysis, planning, and reporting tools to inform decisions that build engagement and increase their capacity to serve. She has held positions as an HRIS Analyst and LMS Administrator, transforming systems by providing instant insights into human capital and resource metrics, working closely with organizational and community impact partners to address institutional trainings needs, and conducting needs assessments and monitoring linkages between curriculum and improved learner performance to promote sustainable paradigm shifts. Today, she helps lead integrated approaches to performance management and excellence for the State government. Jade is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB), Certified Diversity Professional (CDP),® holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Baker University and a Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) in Health Services Administration from Washburn University. She also completed additional coursework towards an Occupational Therapy Assistant degree.

Summya Khatoon

Summya is a Healthcare Administration student and a tech savvy. She has been volunteering for SDIG for 2 years now. She designs, implements and supervises different projects to foster inclusivity and ensure the success of SDIG strategic development. Summya’s interests are aligned with SDIG’s goals. Her major responsibilities include creative and design direction, strategic marketing manager, events management, resource development, identifying collaboration & growth areas and M365 training executive. Summya is an avid learner and makes every motion mean something. Her leadership style is unique; all about positive collaboration, teamwork, and building cohesiveness in the team to achieve goals. Alongside she is a Global Diversity and Inclusion Journal managing editor as well. Summya loves nature, mountains and learning, and researching for healthcare, environmental and social justice.

Monalisa Kafui Annenu

Coordinator of the Visionaries branch of SDIG in Ghana

Monalisa Kafui Annenu is a consummate Human Resource professional. Who has successfully transitioned from being an HR officer through the middle belt of supervision to the executive level of strategy in HR and Customer Service. She has held top management positions in a few service providing organisations in Ghana and the United Kingdom. She has 12 years of University lecturing experience with a Doctorate in Business Administration (HRM option) from Swiss Business School, an MPhil in HRM from the University of Ghana Business School and an accompanying MA in Organizational Development from the Organizational Development Institute- (University of Cape Coast affiliated). Monalisa is the CEO of MONDES HR Fix, an HR service provider with expertise in employee learning and development, Emotional Intelligence, Client Service Relationships, Business Strategy and Leadership, HR policy and procedure provision, Staffing and manpower planning as well as professional CV services and Interview coaching. Mondes HR Fix has been fortunate to consult for companies like ASSN (African Security Sector Network), KASAPREKO, Royal Crown Packaging Limited, PEG Africa, Aneeja Hospital Group, Otumfuor Foundation and Pan African Business Developers (PABD) to mention but a few. Currently, Monalisa is a lead facilitator at Mgibes UK, and HR lead trainer at BT institute. Monalisa is a member of the International Human Resource Certification Institute (IHRCI) currently pursuing the Senior Professional in Human Resources International (SPHRi) course, A member of SDIG as well as Christ to the Rural World. She is a passionate soft skills advocate facilitating youth and unemployed quarterly training that has been running since 2019.

Uchenna Nwoye

Youth Program Administrator

Youth Program Administrator at Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Group “Uchenna Nwoye is the current Youth Administrator for SDIG’s Visionaries. She also works for the Military Women’s Memorial and is hoping to bring her nonprofit experience into SDIG. Uchenna is working to grow programs to engage young people to promote systemic diversity and inclusion internationally.”

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